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Showcasing and Promoting Yourself as a Creative

Are you an artist trying to be discovered? With so many big brands and companies vying for people’s attention online and in the real world, it can feel like a bad case of David versus Goliath for young creatives striving to make a name for themselves. To help you get a leg up, the Meridian Chamber of Commerce has rounded up five strategies to help you get noticed, attract clients, and gain followers.  


Design a Professional Website


Websites are the new business cards (and you may still want to carry some of those when you go to craft fairs or trade shows). If you don’t have a website where people can check out your creations and get to know you as an artist, now is the time to launch one. You can go the do-it-yourself route or hire a designer to come up with a layout and color scheme that complements your style. Make sure that your website is compatible across devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as desktop monitors, and think about increasing your pages’ loading speed by compressing your images to boost visitor engagement.    


Update Your Résumé 


Take time to rework your existing CV and make it easy to process for an ATS, or Applicant Tracking System. Using the right keywords will help it land in the right hands or on the right desk. If you’re looking to edit PDF docs online, you can use this PDF editor, which allows you to make changes, add new skills and credentials, and even add a picture or two to your résumé to give it a professional, updated look. When you’re done with your changes, all you have to do is download your document and send it to potential clients.    


Take Quality Photos of Your Work


If you’re a visual artist, a photographer, or a fashion designer, you want to put your work in the best light possible. So invest in a high-quality camera that will capture your creations and make them shine. You can then upload your photos on your social media channels and use them on your website and your promotional materials. Additionally, think about using your pictures to generate memes instead of text posts to promote yourself online; an interesting, beautiful or funny image is sure to capture people’s attention and get shared over the internet.


Polish Your Portfolio


Show off your work virtually by creating a digital portfolio. If you’re just starting out and don’t have many “real-life” projects under your belt yet, don’t hesitate to let your personality shine through and focus on your personal favorites to fill up your portfolio. Display your art in a visually-appealing fashion, and don't overcrowd it. Try to showcase different styles and trends to demonstrate your versatility. You can also make a paper version of your portfolio to take to interviews and wow prospective clients.


Form an LLC


Once you’re seriously considering turning your passion into a business, look into structuring your company as an LLC. Not only will it give you more credibility as an artist or craft maker, but you’ll also benefit from tax advantages. Using a formation service is an inexpensive way to launch your limited liability company. Rules and regulations vary from state to state, but your formation service will help you stay compliant by helping you file the correct documents, get all necessary permits, and pay all required fees.     


Get noticed by the right people and gain a following as you showcase your work and display your talents online. A professional website, résumé, and portfolio will help get you established as a true professional. You can also gain credibility and benefit from tax advantages by forming an LLC. Keep working at your craft and adding to your portfolio, and you’ll soon be a feted and recognized creative!