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About Us

For Skyler Jones, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is a family affair. After living in Texas for 14 years, Skyler and his father knew they needed to bring slow-smoked barbecue to their new hometown of Boise, Idaho. The father - son team now have three Dickey’s stores in the area, in addition to a family-owned storage facility business.

A Brigham Young graduate in entrepreneurship and business management, Skyler always knew he wanted to start and grow his own business. After attending Dickey’s 4-week long training program at the corporate office, Barbecue University, he knew he was on track for success as a multi-franchise unit owner/operator.

Skyler and his father Keith are well-connected in the community, serving in their local church and making a practice of helping others. They have met many new friends through their service, who have now become loyal customers. “I enjoy selling food that I love to eat, and I love working with great people,” Skyler says. “My team is fantastic and we are building a tasty reputation in the Boise area.”


Slicing into Goodness
Buffet Catering
Summer Party Catering
Pork Ribs Stacked
Rack of Ribs
Westerner Racetrack Sandwich
Classic Sandwich, Savory Side, Big Yellow Cup
Classic Sandwich Brisket
Sliders, Savory Side, Big Yellow Cup
Hickory Smoked Brisket
3 Meat Plate
1 Meat Chicken Plate
XL Family Pack